It’s 6 a.m., and the sun is just peeking over the mountains to light the first shimmering sparkle on Mirror Lake. Local businesswoman Missy Elardi reminisces of the times spent year round soaking up the natural beauty Utah provides. She loves just listening to the quiet. “I’ve never forgotten to seek out that serenity here in the mountains, and it’s part of what I know people long to find here today.” For Missy, amidst this magical beauty of her mountain paradise, sharing these feelings with her family is as natural as it gets. Missy raised 4 beautiful children who are all adults now and each and every one of them is successful in their endeavors. You can find Missy in one of two places: with her family or enjoying the great outdoors.

A Place Like No Other
If you were to ask Missy just what she loves about her home, her reply would be quite simple, everything. As a person who is naturally drawn to the outdoors, Missy takes full advantage of all the amenities the Wasatch Front and Back area offers its residents. From fishing at local lakes to playing somewhere in the snow, or hiking on remote trails, it’s definitely rare to find this nature lover indoors. For Missy, every aspect of her home, the picturesque mountains, crystalline blue waters, natural wildlife and even the genuine people, allow her to stay grounded and focused on what really matters.

A Passion for Home
Naturally, it’s Missy’s passion for home that makes it so easy for her to understand why her clients want to be here too. Growing up in the Wasatch Front and moving away temporarily to Arizona and Nevada, Missy eventually realized there really is “no place like home.” With nearly 222 days of sunshine a year, and world class skiing and beauty right out the back door, who could blame her?

A Natural Professional
Missy’s love for home, and her down-to-earth approach to business have naturally propelled her to pursue her career as a Wasatch Front and Back real estate professional. With a 15+ years in business management, her ability to combine an emotional situation with logic and compassion helps reassure you during this potentially stressful time. Understanding your needs and unique goals is always Missy’s top priority. Missy epitomizes integrity, energy, and hard work!

Using Her Insight
Clients also appreciate Missy’s knowledge and understanding of the nuances and concerns of owning a mountain property—insights that only a homegrown Realtor® can point out. You’ll also enjoy how she acts only with your best interests at heart, taking care of all the details of your transaction, instilling you with a confidence that nothing will fall through the cracks. The outdoor activities in and around the Wasatch area are a welcomed attraction for the family.

A Higher Elevation of Service
Whether you are buying or selling a home in the Wasatch Front or Wasatch Back area, give Missy Elardi a call today. She’s providing A Higher Elevation of Service that is a breath of fresh air during your important transaction. Call Missy today—you’ll be glad you did!